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Offered a wide selection of vacation destinations in coastal areas and waterfalls in the country, but for those who wearing the tudung it is harder for bathing because of the aurat.Due concerned with women's aurat, a businessman here open chalets chalets with each having a private pool for tenant use only.

Salak Denai Chalet is located in the foothills of Mount Jerai near resorts Titi Titi Hampar Swing and provided an opportunity for wearing Muslim women to swim in the pool without fear of aurat problem.Salak Denai opened in 2007. The idea to open this chalet from Yusoof Ali who is concerned about the difficulties of Muslim women to swim in the open in the resort area.

Each chalet has a pool. These ponds can only be used by the tenant chalet only. Charged on chalet rental price regardless of how many are coming.More interesting, each chalet is a beautiful place for a barbecue because such activities are favorite activities of visitors who come to the place.

SwimmingPool provided is from ground water resources of the river.They will only fill when visitors come here and will soon change the pool water when another tenant into this chalet.River water is not using chlorine and pool is only four feet deep.

Salak Denai has 4 chalets .. the following are:


2 rooms + living room + kitchen, 2 queen size bed + 3 single mattresses xtra 7 org-capacity (up to the customer, there is no maximum limit) - 2 toilets-1 swimming pool (depth 4 1/2 foot) - place BBQ1 / 2 DAYS = RM 150

(check in 11 am - 6 pm check out or check in 7 pm - check out 10 am) 1 day 1 night = RM 250

(check in 11 am - 10 am check out or check in 7 pm - check out 6 pm)


1 room (an area of ​​10x12 feet) - 1 queen size bed + 2 toilet-capacity (up to the customer, there is no maximum limit) - 1 swimming pool (depth 4 1/2 feet) - place BBQ1 / 2 DAYS = RM 60
(check in 11am - 6pm check out or check in 7pm - check out 10am) 1 HR 1 PM = RM 80

(check in 11am - check out 7 pm-check out 6pm)


1 room (an area of ​​10x12 feet) -1 queen size bed-capacity toilets + 2 (left to customers, there is no maximum limit) -1 swimming pool (depth 4 1/2 feet) - place BBQ1 / 2 DAYS = RM 60

(check in 11am - 6pm check out or check in 7pm - check out 10am) 1 Day 1 Night = Rs 80 (check in 11am - 10am check out or check in 7pm - check out 6pm)


-2 Bedrooms + living room + tv + kitchen

-2 Queen size bed + xtra 3 single mattresses
- Capacity of 7 people (up to the customer, there is no maximum limit)
- 2 toilet + 2 bathroom
-1 Adult swimming pools (depth 4 1/2 feet) + 1 baby bath pool
- BBQ spot

1/2 DAY = RM 200 (check in 11 am - 6 pm check out or check in 7 pm - check out 10 am)
1 day1 Night = RM 300 (check in 11 am - c. = Heck out 10 am or 7 pm check in - check out 6 pm)





Pangkor Island is an island located in the Straits of Malacca. The island has beautiful beaches and clean and crystal clear waters, lush green that is suitable for those who want peace. Beautiful beaches and beautiful scenery is the main attraction of tourists to come to Pangkor Island. There are different types of accommodation available on two main picnic beaches of Pangkor Island Beach Sand Beach Bogak and Nipah Bay.

Pangkor Island ^^

Bogak Sand Beach offers, hotels, apartments and chalets while Teluk Nipah Beach also offers hundreds of chalets with unique carvings Malay architectural features exotic island for tourists.

The packages are offered including vacation packages for individuals, families, couples and groups. There are various facilities available on the island so that tourists do not feel disturbed. Services eg banks, post offices, seafood restaurants, hospitals, internet and more.

To facilitate the tourists move, Pangkor Island also provides transportation services to tourists such as the taxi pink van or hire a car and a motorcycle.

Taxi Pink ^_~

Bogak Sand Beach hotel and apartment accommodation equipped with amenities such as restaurants, discos and pool. This beach is a beach picnic is very popular among domestic tourists. Long coastline and protected shady trees, very suitable beach sports activities or just to relax and bathe. Here are some medium class hotels like Coral Bay Resort and Puteri Bayu Resort.

Bogak Sand Beach >.<

Teluk Nipah Beach provides a very economical chalet accommodation. The chalets are available there including Palma Beach Resort, Nipah Waterfront, Purnama Beach Resort and more! Teluk Nipah Beach is a dream for those who want peace and quiet during the holidays and relax. Visit Pangkor Island now! not love does not know it!

Teluk Nipah Beach :3

Pangkor Island also provides a wide variety of sports activities. For example, snorkeling, jet ski, cycling, banana boats and more!

Examples of the activities : Jetski, bike and snorkeling :8

Created by :
( Nurul Fazira bt Saad )

Gunung Jerai

Gunung Jerai

Assalamualaikum ,welcome to kedah. One of the interesting places at kedah is Gunung Jerai.In Kedah, the Gunung Jerai is the highest peak.Reigning at 1200m tall, surrounded by beautiful forest lansdcape and a spectacular view over the Straits of Malacca,this is a great place for camping and mountain climbing .At the foot of the mountain ,there is a forestry museum where you can find out about Gunung Jerai.
Forestry Museum

On the top of the mountain,there is The Regency Jerai Hill Resort,guest seeking exercise or leisure will be pleased to find garden at this hotel.Everything The Regency Jerai Hill Resort does is centered around the guest experience, ensuring comfort and relaxation.

The Regency Jerai Hills Resort

Many activities that can we do at Gunung Jerai such as biking,hiking,camping,jogging,leisure with family, and others.

Jogging and leisure at Gunung Jerai

Biking at Gunung Jerai

Gunung Jerai also famous with Alur Naga waterfall, this waterfall are become one of the attraction at Gunung Jerai.The name was derived from a legend in which a dragon was belived to have lived in the cave behind the falls, and come out to bathe in the pool.All tourist who come at Gunung Jerai will visits this waterfall to leisure and photo session.

Alur Naga Waterfall

Siti Aminah Binti Abdul Latiff


                 There's this magical island called Pulau Sipadan in Sabah (which is located in the island of Borneo). Sipadan island was at the top of Rodale's Scuba Diving Magazine Gold List for 'The Top Dive Destination in the World'. The best thing about this island is that the water is crystal clear. you can see every marine life right through the water. While diving in the island,you will be able to see the turtles surrounding you. Apart from that, there are also plenty of big fish in the water, such as barracudas,large schools of trevally and marauding bumphead parrotfish.

                Another exciting part of this island is that, you may encounter some marine life that are hard to find these days. for instance, the hammerheads or thresher sharks. barracuda point is one of the favourite Sipadan dive sites. there are hordes of turtles, vast schools of jacks, bannerfish and snapper all around there. Another interesting place in the Sipadan island is the Turtle Cavern. Before approaching the cave entrance, you may be stunned to see a marauding horde of hugge bumphhead parrotfish charging past you as you sink down the wall. The cavern is very large and the there is a turtle skeleton rest on the sea-bed. 
          The turtle tomb lies underneath the column of the island, formed by an underwater limestone cave with a labyrinth of tunnels and chambers. 
         Diving season in Sipadan island is year round and the most preferred or best condition is between April and December. All in all, Sipadan island is very unique and the scenery is remarkable.Travel there and you won't regret it.

                                                                                                                   Created by: 
                                                                                                                   Maya Tohid 
                                                                                                   (UMAIRAH BT MOHD TOHID)


Assalammualaikum to Raihan want to share something interesting place at Langkawi Kedah!first i want to story about telaga located at Gunung Mat Chicang. One can easily come here by hiring taxis, or by boarding buses from the there u can see a very2 beautiful waterfall.Many come here to see this. From the Gunung Mat Chinchang cable car you can see the waterfalls of Telaga Tujuh in the distance.telaga tujuh also the natural and free attraction that famous at Langkawi.


Other attraction at langkawi are Dataran Lang..u can see the big eagle here first when u come at Langkawi.. Built on reclaimed land, the imposing 12-metre tall statue of the brown eagle can be clearly seen from the air or from the sea.the best time to enjoy that view at evening and night.very beautifull scene we can see.Opposite the lake have a facilities that selling a local food,and the famous is laksa very delicious and i like to eat there with my friends.nearly attraction from dataran lang there we have are Taman Lagenda and Jetty Point Mall .

One the most popular and the place that tourist must go there are Chenang this beach have many activities we can do like playing banana boat , diving,and other beach activity.there have many resort and hotel are provided.there famous resort at Chenang Beach are Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort which it the best resort that get 5 star.along the beach also have have a stall that selling a tshirt,souvenir and many things we can get at there with a cheap price.

When u go to Langkawi u also can go at Langkawi Wildlife Parks.U can see many animals at really fun and enjoy when we can see this animals with very close,and the interesting most animals u can fed by your own hands.It can be special experience for u.Now there have more than 150 species bird and other animals like ostrich,parrots,crocodiles, phytons,donkeys,racoons,as well as monkeys.their are some of beautiful species of birds and animals from around the world!!!!.