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Pangkor Island is an island located in the Straits of Malacca. The island has beautiful beaches and clean and crystal clear waters, lush green that is suitable for those who want peace. Beautiful beaches and beautiful scenery is the main attraction of tourists to come to Pangkor Island. There are different types of accommodation available on two main picnic beaches of Pangkor Island Beach Sand Beach Bogak and Nipah Bay.

Pangkor Island ^^

Bogak Sand Beach offers, hotels, apartments and chalets while Teluk Nipah Beach also offers hundreds of chalets with unique carvings Malay architectural features exotic island for tourists.

The packages are offered including vacation packages for individuals, families, couples and groups. There are various facilities available on the island so that tourists do not feel disturbed. Services eg banks, post offices, seafood restaurants, hospitals, internet and more.

To facilitate the tourists move, Pangkor Island also provides transportation services to tourists such as the taxi pink van or hire a car and a motorcycle.

Taxi Pink ^_~

Bogak Sand Beach hotel and apartment accommodation equipped with amenities such as restaurants, discos and pool. This beach is a beach picnic is very popular among domestic tourists. Long coastline and protected shady trees, very suitable beach sports activities or just to relax and bathe. Here are some medium class hotels like Coral Bay Resort and Puteri Bayu Resort.

Bogak Sand Beach >.<

Teluk Nipah Beach provides a very economical chalet accommodation. The chalets are available there including Palma Beach Resort, Nipah Waterfront, Purnama Beach Resort and more! Teluk Nipah Beach is a dream for those who want peace and quiet during the holidays and relax. Visit Pangkor Island now! not love does not know it!

Teluk Nipah Beach :3

Pangkor Island also provides a wide variety of sports activities. For example, snorkeling, jet ski, cycling, banana boats and more!

Examples of the activities : Jetski, bike and snorkeling :8

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