Thursday, 13 September 2012


Assalammualaikum to Raihan want to share something interesting place at Langkawi Kedah!first i want to story about telaga located at Gunung Mat Chicang. One can easily come here by hiring taxis, or by boarding buses from the there u can see a very2 beautiful waterfall.Many come here to see this. From the Gunung Mat Chinchang cable car you can see the waterfalls of Telaga Tujuh in the distance.telaga tujuh also the natural and free attraction that famous at Langkawi.


Other attraction at langkawi are Dataran Lang..u can see the big eagle here first when u come at Langkawi.. Built on reclaimed land, the imposing 12-metre tall statue of the brown eagle can be clearly seen from the air or from the sea.the best time to enjoy that view at evening and night.very beautifull scene we can see.Opposite the lake have a facilities that selling a local food,and the famous is laksa very delicious and i like to eat there with my friends.nearly attraction from dataran lang there we have are Taman Lagenda and Jetty Point Mall .

One the most popular and the place that tourist must go there are Chenang this beach have many activities we can do like playing banana boat , diving,and other beach activity.there have many resort and hotel are provided.there famous resort at Chenang Beach are Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort which it the best resort that get 5 star.along the beach also have have a stall that selling a tshirt,souvenir and many things we can get at there with a cheap price.

When u go to Langkawi u also can go at Langkawi Wildlife Parks.U can see many animals at really fun and enjoy when we can see this animals with very close,and the interesting most animals u can fed by your own hands.It can be special experience for u.Now there have more than 150 species bird and other animals like ostrich,parrots,crocodiles, phytons,donkeys,racoons,as well as monkeys.their are some of beautiful species of birds and animals from around the world!!!!. 


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