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Shadow Plays Game Event in industry

Shadow Plays Game Event in industry

In Malaysia, shadow plays are also known as wayang kulit In Malaysia. Wayang means shadow or imagination, while kulit means skin and refers to the leather that puppets are made from. Back to 250 years ago, wayang kulit (shadow play) is one of the traditional storytelling in Malaysia. It is also popular in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, particularly in Kelantan, Malaysia.  Basically we know that there used to be 4 main variety of the form in this country which is The Wayang Gedek, performed by the Thai communities of perlis and kedah, Wayang Kulit melayu, the Wayang Kulit Siam of Kelantan and the last one is the Wayang Kulit Jawa performed by the Javanese communities in Selangor and Johor.

The wayang kulit siam orchestra consists of a pair of double-headed drums (gendang), a pair of single-headed goblet-shaped drums known as gedumbak, a pair or vertically standing drums (gedug) hit with beaters, a pair of hand small cymbals, (kesi) and a pair of inverted gongs (canang), also beaten with sticks, and, finally, a pair of hanging knobbed gongs (tetawak).- Wayang kulit siam performances are done in two varieties:  those done purely for entertainment and those intended for ritual purposes such as the salutation of teachers(sembah guru).- Ritual performances, known as wayang kulit berjamu, are extremely rare. They incorporate a host of ritual activities as well as trance.

Last but not least, Local extensions of and accresions to the epic have resulted in the creation of a large number of the branch stories which is the called it as cerita ranting. This shadow plays has become a huge event in industry around the world and make this traditional game go through with people daily life. These have traditionally been more popular than the pokok story.

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