Friday, 14 September 2012

Bukit Tinggi

Colmar Tropicale,located in Bukit Tinggi,Pahang is the one of the most beautiful of a collection of building s from a noth easterm village.Bukit Tinggi is just over an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur City.
Bukit Tinggi is one of this highland resort in Pahang as well as Fraser Hill, Cameron Highlands and Genting Highlands. Height is 2500 above sea level. Travel on High Hill is just half an hour by car.
The path is quite dangerous, but when seeing the sights a view of the buildings on this place feels worth then,Entrance fee is RM 10 for adults.

Among the points - a tourist spot around this area is Rabbit Park, Japanese Tea Garden, Botanical Garden, Colmar Tropicale and places to ride. The first place we visited was almost like a mini Arnab.Taman Park zoo and suitable for families. to enter this park, there is an entrance fee if not mistaken RM 3. before that if there is interest in horseback riding, Berjaya Hill Horse Riding in the beginning before getting to the park this Rabbit.

After that, we rode to the top again. Starting from here is, their eyes will not be as in Malaysia. Colonial building is very interesting concept for anyone to stop by here. our place in the event of a compulsory visit to the Bukit Tinggi Colmar Tropicale. The scene here is definitely not like in Malaysia. here the concept of building roofs France. There is a hotel here for those who want to stay in Bukit Tinggi. For those who prefer to take pictures, this place is a paradise for views.Even the rest of us were there, many photographers who take pictures here. Visitors here are locals and foreign tourists.It was like 3 hours too, we spend this time at Colmar Tropicale. In addition to seeing the sights, here too there is a restaurant and there liveband is performed.

It was like 3 hours of unrest there, but due to the barriers of time, we can proceed to the Japanese Tea Garden. if in include, tourists can catch a train, which was provided to get there from Colmar Tropical, but since we have to go home after that, we took a car and parking at the entrance to the Japanese Village. In a five-minute wait at the train did not come down here, we have the way to get to this place.
Was not very far, five minutes to climb, get there, by any chance is nature enthusiasts interested in birds (birdwatching tourism). We then stopped for a moment to watch the action they listen to and identify different types of birds in this area. But the truth is a true paradise for bird lovers are in Fraser's Hill, but however, in this area there are also other types of birds.
Interestingly, this bird enthusiasts are local and foreign tourists who combine passion for learning about the birds that are found in this area. Back to Japanese Village area, in this area there is a Japanese Tea Garden, Sakura and Uma Tatami Suite and the Garden Botanical Garden. Travellers can participate tea drinking ceremony, which was provided in this area. besides, for nature lovers, this area is unique because there is a wide variety of flora and fauna here.
I was taken not to take a long time because of fatigue. So our trip ended with satisfaction and fatigue in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang.Another very interesting experience and one eksloprasi to major.


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